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Our gift to you. Finding out where you currently are is the first step toward enhancing your development. Our free assessments are designed to create awareness and provide foundational information, so you identify developmental areas and set new goals for yourself.  The results provide a baseline to measure the effectiveness of the Kaizen Approach. 




This assessment is based on the psychological principles of being coachable and will let you know whether you are “coachable.”  This is not your usual generic coachability quiz. Instead, it contains 51 questions that allow you to look deeper into your personality to determine how good a client will do in coaching.

Working with a professional coach requires significant time, energy, and effort. This assessment will help you decide whether it is a good idea to invest all that effort into coaching at this point. Take this assessment if you are considering working with one of our professional coaches. The assessment focuses on the present and will give you an idea of your current coachability.

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Coachability Cover Assessment | Semper Kaizen

Selling Effectiveness

Sales professionals use some techniques that come across negatively to their prospects. You may often think you just gave the sales presentation of your life and then are perplexed about why you did not have one conversion or sale.

This assessment will bring awareness to how well you are selling effectively without pushing your customer away or creating a sense of a “hard” sell.  The results will indicate how strong your sales skills are showing up and how well you are connecting and building a relationship with people.  

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Selling or Telling Assessment | Semper Kaizen

Mental Resiliency

This assessment will give you a better understanding of your current level of mental resilience. For this assessment, resilience is defined as the ability to quickly recover from setbacks or failures and how quickly you recover from a negative mentality to a positive one after a failure or setback.


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Mental Resiliency Assessment | Semper Kaizen

Financial Resiliency

This assessment will give you a better understanding of your current level of financial resiliency. For this assessment, resilience is the ability to quickly recover from financial setbacks or failures.


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Financial Resiliency Assessment | Semper Kaizen

Business Success

Small business success depends in large part on the strategic focus of the entrepreneurs or owners who run the business. Many entrepreneurs are scattered between too many things and do not have the focus they need. There are two critical areas of focus. One is a strategic focus for the business, and the other is the ability of the business owner to obtain and maintain focus. This inventory tells you how focused you and your business really are.

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Business Success Assessment | Semper Kaizen

Career Satisfaction

Everyone wants to feel like they are working in a job or on the career path that they are meant to be on.  Everyone wants to feel like they are working in a position or at a company that aligns with their authentic self. You want to know that your career choice or correct job is an excellent choice that will meet your needs, align with your personality, and support your vision of achieving long-term goals.

It is normal to wonder at times whether you are on the right track. Now you can find out. This assessment will let you know how much you are satisfied with your job or career situation, whether you may be selling yourself short or clinging to something that is not right for you, and if it seems obvious that you are looking for a change.


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Career Satisfaction Assessment | Semper Kaizen

Conflict Management

The ability to effectively deal with escalating conflicts and tension at work is one of the hallmarks of a strong leader. As someone in a position that involves demands from others, this ability to address interpersonal conflict is critical.

With this assessment, you can determine whether you are good at diffusing employee tensions, managing conflict, negotiating difficult situations, and easing hostility in employees or customers. The results will indicate your relative strengths and weaknesses in these areas.

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Conflict Management Assessment | Semper Kaizen

Thriving Coach

This assessment is based on the characteristics of successful service businesses and coaching professionals. It will bring awareness to whether you have what it takes to be a high-demand professional coach by assessing how you are currently operating. The results will also analyze your business and marketing skills, motivation, attitude, and mindset.


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Thriving Coach Assessment | Semper Kaizen


Have you ever met someone and heard stories about their lives that made you think, “Wow, they are meant to be an entrepreneur!” There are signs of entrepreneurship that can begin early in life and develop up until now. If you possess many of these traits, it is likely that entrepreneurship is a good match for you and that if you do not pursue some form of an entrepreneurial venture, you may feel incomplete.

This assessment measures those innate personality characteristics that indicate a high likelihood of being a successful entrepreneur. It uses a lifespan approach to look for signs of being destined for entrepreneurship throughout one’s life.


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Entrepreneur Assessment | Semper Kaizen

Leadership Potential

Many leadership characteristics can be learned with time and experience, while others are inborn or natural to the individual. These are the people who have been leaders since kindergarten. They are born leaders.

There are several keys to strong leadership abilities. Many are beyond the obvious. Take this assessment to find out how strong of a leader you are. The results will tell you whether you have what it takes to naturally lead and have all the learned skills or whether you should work on learning and developing additional leadership skills.

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Leadership Potential Assessment | Semper Kaizen

Coaching the Whole Person

Real coaching is engaging, encouraging, and fruitful. At Semper Kaizen, it is our desire that you obtain the hope you need. This will empower you to effectively grow, inspire others and give hope away to others.

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Knowing that it is journey and not a destination

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Improvement for the better in personal and professional growth

“Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick,

but a sudden good break can turn life around.”

Eugene H. Peterson



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