"Unrelenting disappointment makes the heart sick, but a sudden good break can turn life around."

Eugene H. Peterson

The Beginning

Semper Kaizen started 30 years ago when our President received his honorable discharge from the US Marine Corps. While serving in the Marine Corps, he witnessed how “Kaizen” (small incremental changes) over time had a tremendous impact on people, processes, and team performance.

As vice president for a large credit union for the past twenty years, I witnessed similar results utilizing “Kaizen.” The results were measurable team members’ improvements and sustained growth for the credit union and the families we served.

I’ve devoted my life to serving others and adding value for over forty years, using Eugene H. Peterson’s quote as my guide:

“Unrelenting disappointment makes the heart sick, but a sudden good break can turn life around.”

This quote was my heart’s desire when I founded the organization. I want Semper Kaizen to be that “good break” for others. This is not just a business for me; it’s my life's calling and passion. We exist to serve others and add value.

Semper Kaizen,  

Donald E. Coleman

Our Mission

To restore hope and create new possibilities in San Diego.


Why Semper?

"Semper Fidelis,” meaning “Always Faithful,” is used amongst Marines. It symbolizes the Marines’ sacrifice and loyalty to one another and our country.

 Semper meaning “always,” serves to honor the Marine Corps and represents our commitment.  to “Always moving towards continuous improvement.”


Why Kaizen?

Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous improvement or improvement for the better. We believe Kaizen is more than just a methodology for continuous improvement. Kaizen is a lifelong personal enrichment journey and not a destination.

Origin of our Name

Serving in the Marine Corps was a turning point in my life. It was during this time that I learned what serving truly meant. I chose “Semper” to honor my service in the U.S. Marine Corps and my lifelong commitment to serving and adding value to others combined with "Kaizen,” which stands for “continuous improvement.”

Semper Kaizen is influenced by my time serving in United States Marine Corps and the effects Kaizen has had on my personal and professional life.

 Our objective as an organization is to utilize the “Kaizen Approach” to improve confidence while impacting productivity in individuals, communities, and organizations, resulting in measurable and sustained growth.

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