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A personalized four-phased experience aligned for your personal or business strategy. 



Kaizen Approach | Semper Kaizen

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Kaizen Approach | Semper Kaizen

A Personalized Experience: 


Transformed People, Transform Organizations.

For Employees

Investing in your employees is always beneficial for the organization. Semper Kaizen, parters with you to achieve business growth by catering to the individual development of each employee.

For Organizations

We specialize in creating high-performing work cultures that promote sustainable business growth.

What is Coaching?

Capitalizing on the Present to Change the Future.

The coaching experience is grounded in what you decide to focus on in each session. Some people work on their communication or prioritization skills. Others focus on building resilience or self-compassion.

Whatever it may be, your Semper Kaizen Coach will partner with you every step of the way.

How are we different?

What Does a Semper Kaizen Coach Do?

A Semper Kaizen certified coach is a supportive partner who accompanies you on your life journey.

Their role is to challenge you to identify new possibilities and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. 

coaching | Semper Kaizen


Set Yourself up for Success

In both personal and professional roles

Our coaches focus on: 

  • Coaching aligned for your organization's strategy

  • Redefine peak performance across your organization

  • Identify and bring transformation experiences to their people and measurable growth to their organizations

  • Develop holistic, impactful coaching programs that fit into the way you do business

  • Partner with you to identify your values, achieve your goals, and be at your best

personal and professional success | Semper Kaizen

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Forward moving

Always moving towards continuous improvement.

personal enrichment | Semper Kaizen
personal enrichment

Knowing that it is journey and not a destination

continuous improvement | Semper Kaizen
continuous improvement

Improvement for the better in personal and professional growth

“With your initial help, our mortgage process has been running well. We are approaching 100 funded mortgage loans for just over $40MM. Our 2021 goal for new mortgages was just under $20MM. Your training made a huge difference and has laid the framework for our success going forward.” Bret Johnson, Vice President of Operations, Wheelhouse Credit Union
Bret Johnson,
Vice President of Operations, Wheelhouse Credit Union
“I highly recommend Semper Kaizen for anyone seeking to elevate their professional growth and leadership skills. Working with Donald Coleman has been an incredible experience that has truly transformed my career trajectory. From the very beginning, Donald displayed a deep understanding of my unique goals and challenges. He took the time to listen attentively and tailored their coaching approach to suit my specific needs. His expertise and guidance helped me identify my strengths and areas for improvement, enabling me to develop a clear roadmap for success. What sets Semper Kaizen apart is their unwavering commitment to their client’s success. Donald continuously challenged me to push beyond my comfort zone, encouraging me to embrace new perspectives and explore innovative solutions. His unwavering support and motivation instilled in me newfound confidence and resilience, which have been instrumental in my professional development.”
Kenneth Mazo
Chief Financial Officer, Neighborhood House Association

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