Personalized to focus on the developmental areas identified in our assessments

Training only provides insights for the attendees, and this is where most training programs stop. The Kaizen Approach goes further with reinforcement and coaching support. 

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Consistency is the Key to the Breakthrough

Incremental change is the key to cultivate long-lasting impactful growth.

The Kaizen Approach focuses on small, step-by-step changes that build up over time to create tremendous impact on people, processes, and team and individual performance. Learn more about our core standardized training programs below. 

The Coaching Clinic >>>
Coaching Clinic | Semper Kaizen
Personal Coaching Style Inventory >>>
Personal Coaching Style | Semper Kaizen
Financial Resiliency >>>
Financial Resilience | Semper Kaizen
Mental Fitness >>>
Mental Fitness Coaching | Semper Kaizen

Which Training is Right for you?

Whether you are looking to increase your effectiveness as a communicator, increase your financial health, or strengthen your mental fitness one of these programs will assist you in achieving your desired outcome. 

The Coaching Clinic ® 

This two-day training focuses on creating an environment for coaching within an

The objective of the training workshop is to increase effective communication, discover how to lead, and positively influence others. You will learn how to take a coach approach in everyday workplace conversations, confidently have performance conversations, and create a personal learning integration plan to adopt a coaching style of leadership.

Coaching Clinic | Semper Kaizen


Personal Coaching Style Inventory ®

How much more would your current culture and meetings be if people understood the “extreme” differences in the team’s communication styles?

The PCSI half-day training will equip supervisors, managers, and leaders with the tools needed to transform your workplace. It can increase team effectiveness, improve communication, and even identify an individual preference for celebrating team success. 

This program can be combined with The Coaching Clinic training or offered as a stand-alone training. 

Personal Coaching Style-1

Financial Resiliency

The financial capability curriculum is designed to increase financial resiliency by focusing on the critical areas of financial health.

We explore:

  • Financial Psychology
  • Money Mindsets
  • Income
  • Budgeting
  • Credit
  • Risk Management
  • Other Essential Topics

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What is mental fitness, and why is mental fitness important? 

Mental fitness is defined as Your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset.  The impact of mental fitness is peak performance, increased peace of mind, wellness, and healthy relationship. 

This training focuses on how to grow the three core mental muscles to thrive in challenging times. 

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3 Keys to Accelerating Growth

Do you believe we all make choices that we can look back at and determine if they helped or hindered us?  

In this half-day training, you will learn the three keys to accelerating growth and increasing awareness in your personal and professional life.  You will discover how to identify and overcome challenges, develop goals that accelerate growth, shift your mindset, and believe in yourself in all aspects of your life. Learning how your mindset works is a vital key to your success.  

Changing how you think and the words of power you use will make you more intentional in accomplishing your goals. 

Three Keys to Accelerating Growth | Semper Kaizen-1

The training is paying off. The mortgage applications we have received since the training are a complete turnaround from what we received before the training.
Chris A. Leppert
Vice President, Navigator Lending Solutions
The work Semper Kaizen was able to accomplish with the team in a short amount of time is impressive.
John Frazza
Chief Lending Officer, Wheelhouse Credit Union

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